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Caring Floral Arrangements for a Funeral in Canberra, Australia or overseas

Our florists create beautiful and compassionate bouquets for funerals and for offering condolences. Acting as an elegant tribute to the deceased, they provide beauty and comfort during the most sombre occasions.

Reminding everyone of the quality of life that has passed, floral bouquets symbolise the love people feel for one another. Whether a more understated white, or a brighter, happy palette, you will be able to add something personal to the funeral time and show the family and friends of the deceased that they are always on your mind.


Admiration 428 Buy Now
Admiration 428
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Comforting Embrace 412 Buy Now
Comforting Embrace 412
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Faith 411 Buy Now
Faith 411
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Treasured Moments 410
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Eternity 409
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Eternity 408
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Eternity 407
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Contemplation 406
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Contemplation 405
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Remembrance 404
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Remembrance 403
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Remembrance 402
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Comforting Embrace 413
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With Sorry 414 Buy Now
With Sorry 414
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Esteem 416
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Admiration 427
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Honor 426
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Lasting Tribute 423
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Last Goodbye 422
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Reflection 421 Buy Now
Reflection 421
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Solace 420
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Respectful 419
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Heartfelt 418
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Esteem 417
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In Memorium 401
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Seamless delivery of any funeral floral arrangements

Working directly with the funeral home to organise the time of delivery, we ensure the floral arrangement arrives on time. We want to minimise any disruption to the funeral process, and strive for prompt and seamless delivery. Designing a larger bouquet, we ensure everything is completed appropriately and with deep respect.

Should you wish to send a bouquet to the family home, to provide sympathy that they will look back upon fondly, we also craft smaller designs. Sent directly to the home, they serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness during the difficult time – something the recipient will appreciate above all else.

We also work with a deep respect to local customs and traditions, creating a bouquet that upholds the family’s beliefs. Able to send overseas and interstate, we work with you to craft the ideal arrangement.

Not just floral arrangements, show you care with a gift or card

As well as the floral arrangements themselves, we also carry a range of sympathy cards, gift baskets with fruit and gourmet food, and other sympathy gifts. Before we send the arrangement, we can personalise a card with your name and caring message.

We have options for flowers on stands and easels, as well as incorporating vases for a more long-lasting condolence. Especially pertinent when the service will last multiple days, a vase is a considerate touch.

Contact us to discuss your needs

Our specialist florists will work with you to design the arrangement that suits your exact requirements. Working with complete respect, we create floristry that exudes beauty.